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Gorilla Glass 4. Gorilla Glass damage and scratch-resistant cover glass applications include smartphones, slates/tablets, notebooks, wearables, interior architecture, automotive and markerboards. Usually you need to get tempered glass protector fixed/installed on to your smartphone. Some of the latest smartphones come already fixed with the Gorilla Glass protectors. Not just scratch-proof, Corning's Gorilla Glass 5 will make your phone shatter-proof. Gorilla Glass Victus is said to be twice as scratch resistant as the previous generation of Gorilla Glass 5, and four times as scratch resistant as its competitors. This process does weaken your screen, each layer of the gorilla glass adds to its protection, so by doing this trick, your phone may shatter if dropped or put it other instances known for shattering phone screens. "Based on our internal data on drop events, our data shows that Gorilla Glass 5 outperforms 4 by 1.8-times," he said. I have had every flagship for the last few years, and have dropped them, taken them to the beach, Yosemite, hiking, gym etc, and have never even come close to this, most don't have any scratches to this day. Corning shared a video showing off Gorilla Glass Victus surviving a series of tests, including drops of up to two meters. It is 4x more damage resistant, durable, tougher, and thinner. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Beat and rub some tools on the display of OnePlus 8 for scratch test because it has protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 5. . Toughness is measured by a scale. In contrast, Gorilla Glass 6 is rated for drops from a height of up to 1.6m. Is this a good question? Corning Gorilla Glass 5; This is the latest Gorilla Glass, which is the successor of Gorilla Glass 4. Get em while their hot. Has anybody gotten their note 5 screen scratched yet. I was walking around the mall and went to pull my phone out and saw a HUGE line of mini scratches. Gorilla Glass 3 improved on the core feature of this type of glass.Corning Inc. managed to increase the glass’ toughness and created a new Gorilla Glass that was stronger, more flexible and more scratch-resistant. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 95. Results are only viewable after voting. Would there be the possibility of having the Gorilla glass replaced? Posted by 4 months ago. 12-29-2016 01:53 AM. According to Corning, the material is up to three times more scratch-resistant than the previous version, with enhanced ability to resist deep scratches that typically weaken glass. Don't be fooled by the "scratch-ability" of Gorilla Glass 5. 4. Expected to be seen on-board devices later this year. I didn't expect this. Scratch proof, shatter proof, responsive touch. Corning designed Gorilla Glass to be scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, and crystal clear to ensure the best possible picture. The glass will not get deep scratches like that unless there's friction AND force. My phone has Gorilla glass 3, yet I use tempered glass. Like others have said I'd much rather have improved scratch resistance than shatter resistance. Now why? 4.3 out of 5 stars 352. Go for it! 95. Samsung may have chosen durability or thinness for the Note 20 series . Scratches on Note 5. I treat the 9T like a baby. Your better off replacing the screen its self with a certified gorila glass screen. By scratching at hardness 3, gorilla glass 5 is at the same league of hardness than the fully plastic Moto x force/droid turbo 2 screen. Gorilla Glass Victus changes all that and promises to double the scratch resistance of Gorilla Glass 6, all the while being capable of withstanding drops from 2 meters. Advanced Search; Show Printable Version; 3. vdrivn8o8. advertisement. Jump to page: tools. When it comes to being scratched, it's no better or worse than some other brands of glass used for cellphone screens, but when it comes to strength (cracking/breaking), Gorilla Glass leads the industry, just as Corning's famous household cookware glass, "Pyrex", has for many decades. Sucks that it seems to scratch significantly easier than the last version of gorilla glass on the S7 and S7 edge. Tempered glass screen shields are an amazing invention. Amazon's Choice for gorilla glass scratch remover. Now Gorilla Glass 6 has been launched after Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Remove scratches from Gorilla Glass? Get it as soon as Tue, Dec … Gorilla Glass 3 was introduced at CES 2013. Hi, Was wondering whether there would be any safe method to remove scratches made on the Sensation's Gorilla glass. Gorilla Glass 5 tops even that drop height, surviving falls from 1.6 meters onto hard, rough surfaces 80% of the time. I don't get it. As Xiaomi says, Victus has … The team decided to meet up for drinks and play around with the LG G6‘s Gorilla Glass 5-covered back by slinging a knife across it. And the best thing is that it is very attractive so that the beauty of the Smart Phone also increases. If you recall, this came as an upgrade to the Gorilla® Glass 6 back in July. Live with it dumb! 5. Thanks! It is a durable scratch resistant display to say it best. Jan 9, 2017 1 0 0. EVI Displex Repair Cell Phone Screens Watch Glass Polish All Kinds of Glass Scratch Remover/Sapphire Scratch Remover. Scratch and damage resistant. Well, I was looking for this question for quite sometime. 2 months in I have a dozen of shallow scratches. India Today Web Desk New Delhi July 21, 2016 UPDATED: July 21, 2016 14:40 IST. I even ran the knife edge on the glass many times to show my fam how strong the glass was. It performs better in a drop test too, surviving a 2-meter fall compared to its predecessor’s 1.6m durability. These are hair line scratch with very little depth. $22.95 $ 22. Should I try hard to fix it? U [email protected] New member. It replaces 2018's Gorilla Glass 6 and can withstand drops up to 2 meters on rough, hard surfaces. Most people think it's unbreakable but I assure you that is NOT true. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. I was … Enter Victus, which promises double the scratch resistance of 2018’s Gorilla Glass 6. The company has been working hard for nearly 2 years to make this technology better. More than 45 smartphone makers have been using it since 2007, and its quality is becoming even better with time. Hisham. Although those are substantial improvements, Victus is still susceptible to scratches, which could weaken it and make it vulnerable to damage. But it's gorilla tough. It is also two times more scratch-resistant than the Gorilla Glass 6. $19.95 $ 19. Last edited: May 31, 2016. Answered! View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers . On my previous HTC One M7 that I used for 6 years I didn't have a single scratch (gorilla glass 2). It refers to Mohs hardness scale of minerals in a range from 1 to 10. Corning Gorilla Glass has been designed into more than 6 Billion devices worldwide by more than 45 major Brands. Gorilla Glass 5 offers similar scratch resistance to Gorilla Glass 4, but is 1.8 times more durable in drop tests, the company’s representatives previously said. 48 1 2. Bottom line is, Gorilla Glass is highly prone to sustaining scratches and retaining scuff marks. Gorilla Glass is a scratch resistive display. Gorilla glass scratches?! Only some rare metals, sand and diamond may cause scratches. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 . Gorilla Glass 6. Corning Gorilla Glass 5. US-based Corning's fifth-generation Gorilla Glass … Smitty's Glass Wax - Two Pack. Close. As Xiaomi says, Victus has 2x improved scratch resistance than the predecessor. The regular Note 20 has Gorilla Glass 5 (now two generations old) on the front, and plastic on the back, but it costs almost $300 less than the $1,300 (£1,180, AU$1,890) Ultra. The screen despite being more immune to shattering still does not guarantee against abrasion. Corning claims that Victus has twice the scratch resistance of Gorilla Glass 6, which works out to four times the resistance of competing glass, and that a … Removing scratch on Gorilla Glass 5 (5T) [Need help] Apr 26, 2018? Since then the company has iterated on the glass to improve overall durability and scratch-resistance while also making it thinner. Gorilla Glass 2 is 20% thinner than the original Gorilla Glass. I had put my phone in my pocket not knowing it was the same pocket as my car keys. 2.6 out of 5 stars 162. Corning is the name that protects your smartphone’s display. Corning's new Gorilla Glass 5 will make your phone virtually shatter-proof, according to the company.

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