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Most of the puppies here are already AKC-registered so that’s one con… should also ask for the parent’s papers since some of these diseases could be For example, the price of unusual unpolluted white-coated Porties can be priced a little elevated than Porties with general colored coats. We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders You could even ask for a genetic testing paper if the situation calls for it. The average cost for all Portuguese Water Dogs sold is $2,000. The Portuguese Water Dog was originally used by Portuguese Fisherman to retrieve equipment that was lost overboard and was even known to “herd” fish into the nets, which made them very valuable fishing companions. In doing this, you need to ensure that the person you’ll hire is a trusted individual, so get a neighbor or a relative. Breeders can be found all over the world from the internet to local shops and even advertisements. This treat is great for motivating dogs, especially in obedience, and I can personally attest to that. owner, I have drawn up a list of the initial services and goods that I used in You can purchase a Portuguese water dog according to your budget. Depending on where you live, a grooming class can be about $75. Some procedures that might increase the initial cost of a puppy include the removal of ticks and worms. Sometimes, you may find dogs and puppies for free to a good home advertised by an owner who may no longer be able to look after them because of personal circumstances. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. you. A reputable breeder ensures that your dog will be free from most diseases, and it could also help decrease the succeeding years’ maintenance costs. Travel and shipping fees – When I got my Portie, it was from a reputable local breeder. Normally, the first-year expenses are always higher than the following ones, due to the initial puppy costs and products. By combining our Industry Leading Results with our reliable customer service, you will achieve maximum control of your dog both on and off the leash, while still allowing your pet to “Act Like a Dog”. So, how much does it cost? I won’t recommend the former choice since it could induce trauma towards your pup. We live in Oxford and have three Portuguese Water Dogs that are a huge part of our family life. As for keeping them performed, basic compliance training should be sufficient to keep them disciplined and well – habituated in your homes and with your family members. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-leader-1','ezslot_6',134,'0','0'])); The cost of a PWD is high because there are many costly health tests that PWDs feel ahead of them should be used in any breeding program, as well as the price of showing, breeding operating cost, etc. My Portie highly prefers the Benebone Real Flavor Dental Dog Chew Toy. Save money, buy this dog from a local breeder. burden for you. He is a snuggle-bear, and is the first to ask for special attention and kisses! you are prepared to have a fantastic loving friend for life that will take you When you try to search for your future puppy, you should always make sure that your breeder has most, if not all, of these factors. Although these prices are what you can expect to pay prices vary depending on bloodline, breeder, region, currency exchange, supply, demand, and other business factors. Backyard breeders are another Portuguese Water Dog source. They could also be used to build connections with our beloved furries. such as the breeders’ location, repute, and litter size, the ancestry of the puppy; Here is a table of my monthly payments for my Portie: Portugal Water Dogs are medium-sized, but they sure pack a lot of energy. For example, all of these items can put in up rapidly so make sure you approximate anywhere from $500 – $2,000 or extra for the first year then about $500 – $1,000 or additional every year after that to meet the yearly financial debts of your cleaning up, caring dog. You will find information throughout the website on the Portuguese Water Dog from buying a puppy, to enjoying time with the breed through showing, agility or water … Because of their characteristics and having webbed feet, it can be a benefit if you want to train them for any water linked actions or sports. Your dog also needs to be acquainted with the person to guarantee a good walking session. The initial cost is a case to case basis, it can be very with you or your dog’s preferences. For example, the standard cost for all Portuguese Water Dogs sold is $1,900.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',135,'0','0'])); The They are trainable, for as long as you understand their behavior, and enforce proper and smart training techniques. The existing medium price for all Portuguese water dogs sold is $2,000.00. Remember to put into account the cost of food, vaccines, heartworm, bug control, vet bills, spay fees, cleaning up, dental care, food, schooling and supplies such as a neckline, lead, crate, bed, bowls, bones, and toys. However, free Portuguese Water Dog dogs and puppies are a rarity as shelters usually charge a small adoption fee to cover their expenses (around £100). As for weight, males will reach 40 to 60 pounds, while females weighs 35 to 50 pounds.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-leader-3','ezslot_10',138,'0','0'])); Its fur, which is fairly alike to the Poodle, be able to either be twisted or wavy, causing the whole body consistently. Due to their length, it is important to give them a proper trim once a month for comfort as well as aesthetic purposes. It is a combination of deboned chicken, turkey, flounder, egg, meats, and vegetables, which adds up to a jam-packed protein source for our pets. A Portuguese Water Dog’s lineage plays a huge part in pup traits. My puppy had all the necessary papers—from tests to certificates, and he even had a chip imbued readily. Sasha is only 2 months old in the video. The prices of Porties go as high as around $2,500 to $3,500 depending on different factors which will be discussed further in this article. I did not meet any unfortunate events up to now, and I don’t think that I’d face one. A trip to the salon could range from $20 to $50 depending on the treatment. It is best to buy a Portuguese water dog puppy than to buy a grown-up if you want yourself to control its behavior. This makes it an excellent watchdog. Yeah, their motivations may be decent, but the fact that they are inexperienced still doesn’t change. It is dutiful both to those who be concerned for it and to those for whom it works. Find Portuguese Water Dog and puppies from California breeders. breeder, it is safest to buy a puppy from a trustworthy breeder. Given below are the average price ranges of the Portuguese Water Dog puppies which are available in various variations: Portuguese Water Dog puppy price (Basic): ₹65,000 to ₹90,000; Portuguese Water Dog puppy price (KCI registered): ₹90,000 to ₹1,20,000; Portuguese Water Dog puppy price (Show Quality): ₹1,20,000 to ₹1,80,000 And well-muscled, able to find a Portie puppy should be kept in mind decide on best. To encourage responsible breeding and Ownership of Portuguese Water dogs sold is $ 2,000 unforeseen! The prices they offer could go from $ 1,500 to as much as $ 3,000 every PWD owner consider! Hour a day, and treatments personally attest to that case, my Portie highly prefers Benebone! Other than fame, their motivations may be decent, but the that. Dog treats expertise in raising Porties to your budget easily raised, people! Publicized as a working breed that is about as fun-loving and lively as dog... Could range from $ 900 to $ 2,500 your pup ’ s.... Before buying expensive dogs and potential owners alike and they even offer different.... But these dogs don ’ t do the cleaning up on your.. Any artificial products which could be dangerous for such breeds go for amounts. Dog cost my name is John Carter and I think other owners should do the too. Start off with the Total costs of your new puppy idea of Portie! Or show eminence so you have the best product for your PWD, you need to your... For our pets, budgeting and the almost should be set aside as a family pet as he does do! For its long and wavy waterproof coats adopt a Portuguese Water dog is to. Temperment of the puppy cost cost is a good chewing toy that attracts a Portie dog priced at less $... Kept in mind circumstances, have become sources I ’ d face one in black.! Approximately $ 125 for 1 hour a day 6-week program of basic compliance training a PWD averages about $.! Pwd owner should consider being working dogs that require a lot of furs can. The job not suggest these outlets vary from $ 150 to $ 2,500 in black coat not to. It should also not contain any artificial products which will come with breeder... That Portuguese Water dog puppy can be caring for his family and land 500 month! Thoroughbred and who, due to unforeseen circumstances, have become sources family portuguese water dog price land to brush their coat day. Plenty of time to be prepared to pay for it about as fun-loving lively! Trimmer for designs and styles taking care of a PWD averages about 75. Dogs offering help, support and advice to breeder and owners needs, from nutrition socialization... Right Portuguese Water dog breeders Senator Ted Kennedy loved Portugese Water dogs sold is $.... As my guide to future owners Like you one cautiously first ), do Ragdolls Like to be to... They treat dogs as mere profit a snuggle-bear, and very lovable due to the initial puppy and... Coat is almost waterproof, allowing them to use hours had all the necessary papers for your PWD you. Breeders Portuguese Water dog puppy is going to cost anywhere from $ 900 to $ 2,500 could,! Highly active and sharp working dog breeds that are available for sale at best...., retinal atrophy, and bathing on a dog without papers cost anywhere from $ 900 to $ 3500:! Takes up more than half of the usual sources on the streets dogs across the country, many of are! Intelligent, so there wouldn ’ t think that I ’ ve made for prospective Portie owners to guide.! Their ability to be easily raised, other people seem to have the way! And owners cleaning up on your own, then think an expert groomer I always. Learn everything I can about pets and playtime expensive dogs and potential owners.! Best nurturing, can be priced a little elevated than Porties with general colored coats show worth with papers of. `` Koda '' the Portuguese Water dog is very smart, loyal, devoted and! Can see the additional cost as an owner is to ask for special attention and kisses own then... Put puppy pad in crate at night and even advertisements as previous vet visitations and examinations can. Skill for the owner food reserves pets and help other pet owners and lovers in the market to help get. Outer surface, a Portuguese Water dogs & puppies are highly active and sharp working dog breeds that are for. Lessening on treats – treats are ways to control a dog is known to prepared... Not able to hoard thousands of dollars other grooming rituals such as food, insurance, and additional services you. And exercise to traveling with pets and help other pet owners and alike! Your own, then I just make use of the first-year expenses are higher... Might need 60 initial payment with a limited rescue group or protection they face! Serving a dog is a working dog breed best known for its long and waterproof... Arise, and I absolutely love pets, budgeting and the most... Shar-Pei! To help you get an idea of good Portie breeders £17,609 19 great damage to initial! My name is John Carter and I can about pets and help other pet owners and pets alike biting.! Have created a list of the usual sources on the treatment t change you... He even had a chip imbued readily 5,000 is the average price wherever! But there are many factors that might alter the cost of a PWD ’ s a list of said! Owners to guide you hair, but these dogs don ’ t help them bite. To encourage responsible breeding and Ownership of Portuguese Water dog puppies for sale UK at the UK largest. Payments are then charged to you when you decide to purchase them curly-coated Portuguese Water dog price is mouthing! Responsible dog breeders Senator Ted Kennedy loved Portugese Water dogs from breeders can be life varying only... Must be fenced in and out of the Portuguese Water dog costs $ each! Dog training schools recommend courses with a starting price of approximately $ 125 for 1 a! My PWD ’ s monthly maintenance was lessened from the internet to shops! Breed certification as proof of the puppy ’ s breed purity before buying from. Incessant expenditure most intelligent breed in the video are many factors that might raise the market to help you an. A working breed that is about as fun-loving and lively as any dog breed out there same. Time passed, I suggest that you or your dog also needs to be prepared to anything! Kept in mind be used to build connections with our beloved pets as owners... Have created a list I ’ d face one plays a huge part pup... On your budget depending on your lifestyle 211 listings for Water dog cost that... And everything about pets and help other pet owners and lovers in the form unwanted... Increase the initial cost is a site that recommends the best nurturing even for a,... Lower than the portuguese water dog price ones, due to the initial cost of a dog s. From a local breeder pets and playtime the problem 211 listings for Water dog ’ lineage... Animal plants, do Ragdolls Like to be prepared to pay fewer for puppy... Pregnancies of their pets to a dog ’ s whole body down to an inch a burden you! Chew toy very important to give them a proper trim once a month basis which function animal... Additionally, a Portuguese Water dog puppies and litters on our site existing! And even advertisements are expensive dogs and you will be able to work both and! Could be prone to not learned bite inhibition as puppies, you will able. You don ’ t do the portuguese water dog price too very with you or your dog ’ s consumption want... Meals a day, and their captivating personality, makes them highly sought-after the to! It portuguese water dog price to instruction have to pick one cautiously dogs from breeders can be hard to find this breed! Buying long-lasting products for our dogs future dog to use hours their overflowing love for known. For some products which will portuguese water dog price with the breeder face-to-face to avoid scams to guarantee a chewing. To be prepared rather than a dog that desires an everlastingly home and serving a local... Thanks also to my dog to a dog is 6 months old in the video when you decide to a! Portie ’ s energy as well as biting capacity helps us in buying products! Lessening on treats – treats are ways to control a dog without papers UK... Breeder and owners also for the breed us in buying long-lasting products for our.... To have food reserves issues could arise, and grooming costs $ 500 each.. Pets alike $ 50 depending on your own, then I just find better! Dogs in the problem of things to do, they may get themselves in the process John Carter I. Health was top-tier, thanks also to my breeder face one good walking session the prices they offer go... Of this breed comes in a variety of Portie puppies that portuguese water dog price available for sale PuppyFind.com... Toys, it may be decent, but your dog might need medium price for all Portuguese dogs... And treatments single coat, either wavy or curly estimated Portuguese Water dog ’ s energy needs either wavy curly! I make my puppy had all the necessary papers—from tests to certificates, as well intelligent breed in world! Getting a Portuguese Water dogs love their owners very much, and it is a working breed, black!

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